Precision Agriculture will be increasingly necessary to produce enough products for an ever-growing population on ever less cultivable land available.

Telematics to acquire data from fields is essential element of the value chain.

  • GPS and non-contact sensors to measure operative parameters and crop growth conditions.
  • Real-Time Data from many sensors allow to have the process under control
  • Integration with agronomical services allows to enrich the available feature-set

As a result:

  • Farming efficiency and productivity are increased
  • Waste is reduced to a minimum.

Our technology provides farming efficiency, productivity increase and waste reduction.

Local and commercial farmers can monitor multiple fields in multiple locations around the globe from an Internet connection. Decisions can be made in real time and from anywhere.

Farmers can visualize production levels, weather, soil moisture, sunlight intensity and more in real time and remotely to accelerate decision-making processes.

Automating processes in planting, treatment and harvesting can reduce resource consumption, human error and overall cost.

Accurately tracking production rates by field over time allows for detailed predicting of future crop yield and value of a farm.

Smart, connected sensors embedded in the soil can measure moisture and PH levels. These sensors connected to smart irrigation and smart fertilizer systems to apply just the right amount of fertilizer and water, reducing waste throughout the supply chain.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • It uses GPS technology to constantly track and update the exact location of fleet assets.
  • A GPS tracking device and other sensors transmit data via a cellular network.
  • A cloud-based software analyzes and make it available on the dashboard or through specific reports.
  • In some cases, starting low as $16/month for hardware and Blend+ bundles. Please e-mail for more details!
  • No charges by number of users, no charges for updates or new releases.
  • Just no hassles and trouble free, intuitive applications that are easy to understand and use.
  • Key performance Indicators (KPI’s) are different for different Fleet and Equipment operations, many fleets have very similar KPI’s.
  • Measure big ones first, Fuel Burn Rates, Machine Utilization, “Work vs idle.” Engine Idle is not your friend.
  • “Idle doesn’t care” if you waste fuel, burn your machines warranty clock, cause you to over PM Service your machines.
  • What gets measured gets improved! Let us work together to figure out what measurements your fleet and Equipment operations need to focus on.
  • Yes, it sure can. Too many details to cover here. Call us for details
  • The best “Live support” available with real people in the USA, not recordings or voicemail boxes.
  • A current/dynamic help section that is accurate to the page or place you are on our software.
  • Even videos available in our help section.
  • We understand your business and equipment remote management needs.
  • Yes, any make and model any size machine.
  • Schedule by engine hours, calendar days or Odometer miles for any asset. (Utilizing anyone of these measurements, in any combination)
  • Easy to understand reports, Green, Yellow, Red to bring your eyes to the right place quickly.
  • Mobile apps to provide “Drive to directions” to find the machines in the field.
  • All included and all comes with Blend+ at “No additional cost.”

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