Our reliable, rugged device never lets you down

water/dust resistance
-40 to +85┬░C
operating temperatures
cellular standards

AM54 is our industry-proven, reliable device

AM54 enables remote asset management through advanced features. Our flagship device provides you with utilization tracking, preventive maintenance, notifications, reporting, asset and data mapping.
It comes with external antenna, IP67 certification and CAN-bus protocol. AM54 uses 4G global technology, with 3G and 2G fallback to suit all markets.
Get visibility and control of your assets at any time, from everywhere.


Industry-Proven Cortex-M3 processor

LTE Cat1, UMTS/HSPA, GSM worldwide

Internal battery

Analog and digital I/O

3-axis accelerometer

RS232, CAN bus interfaces

Simple web application

Machine Alerts via e-mail

Remote firmware update
& Device configuration

Real-time OS

Compact, rugged design


Moreover, CAN-bus transmission enables two-way file transfer to communicate with your asset in real time.

AM54 is effective and reliable

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AM54 is designed to work perfectly with

We have designed Blend+ to immediately receive useful information to better manage your equipment and jobsites. You will also be informed on situations that need your attention, allowing you to make immediate decisions to improve them.

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