Tierra America

Tierra America has strong roots

Tierra America Inc. was established by Tierra S.p.A. (Italy) to expand its presence on the US market and be closer to its American customers.

Tierra S.p.A. is a Joint Venture established by Topcon Positioning Systems Inc. (USA) and Divitech S.p.A. (Italy) in 2008.

Tierra S.p.A. is internationally recognized for sophisticated and reliable telematics solutions. We develop innovative systems, processing and management of data from vehicles, machinery and objects, for both Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Aftermarket (AM) Customers.

Our goal is to create simple solutions to complex issues and transform the future to build the Internet of Your Things. For more information, please visit: tierratelematics.com

In 2018, Tierra founded its first joint venture company in partnership with Sumitomo Corporation: PT Weeo Solutions Frontier, established in Jakarta, Indonesia to offer advanced telematics solutions and Precision Agriculture in the ASEAN and Indian markets.

Our mission is to provide telematics value-added services in the USA to geo-localize, manage, maintain and remotely diagnostic mixed fleets of off-road vehicles for both Aftermarket and OEMs users.

Tierra America is an international team of experts driven by passion and carefulness, based in Livermore, California. We provide the solutions of Tierra Telematics through local Senior Representatives who bring their expertise and knowledge of the US market, of its dynamics and necessities.

Expertise ready-for-use

Intuition, talent and innovation are at the heart of our universe.

Our teams have a disruptive approach towards technological advancements, to always find innovative, new solutions to common issues. We are driven by passion and creativity and our forward-looking approach keeps us ahead of the curve since.

Enter our universe and find out how to bring your company in the next future.

Our Location

Tierra America headquarters is strategically located in Livermore, California, close to the global headquarters of Topcon Positioning Systems.

Topcon new “John D. Dice” training center and testing site is situated just in front of our offices.